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Silicone Hygrogel contact lenses

How a contact lens prescription is different to a spectacle prescription

A contact lens prescription allows you to be able to buy contact  lenses and can only be issued once you have had a contact lens test. But you must also have had a valid sight test to be able to do this. Your optician will use the information in the glasses prescription from the sight test to help in the contact lens test.

In many cases the power of the spectacle lenses will be different to the power of the contact lenses for the same eye. This is due to several reasons:

  1. When there is significant amount of short sightedness i.e. if the power of the spectacle prescription is more than -5.00DS (DS mean Dioptres Sphere) then you may find that the power of the contact lens for this eye is slightly lower. This must happen because the contact lens sits on the eye while the glasses lens is placed further away from the eye. Therefore because of this difference in distance the power must be changed to allow for it. In this example you may be given a -4.50DS.
  2. The power of the lens available is limited. For example, if you have a glasses prescription of -6.75DS and you need a contact lens prescription of -6.25DS (due to the above) and the lens manufacturer does not have this power you may be issued a -6.00DS instead. This will be checked however to see if you still have adequate vision.
  3. Sometimes you may even find that the power of your contact lenses to be higher than the power of your glasses. This will happen if you have slight astigmatism. Let’s say you have the following glasses powers in the right eye:







You may have been given a contact lens power of -2.75 in this eye. This is because there is some astigmatism (CYL -0.50). By giving you this extra power you will be able to correct some of this astigmatism to help you to see a little better.

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